The Prince - Tiffany Reisz
Original Post: Contains spoilers from previous books. So if you haven't read the books yet then just know that they are Not to be missed. And they get darker, hotter and sexier with every book ;)Review: The Prince is 100% phenomenal! It was outstanding. The best book of the series so far. At first I wasn't sure about it because it is told a little different to the previous two book. But by the end I was in love and blow away.The Prince is told mainly from Nora's and Kingsley's POV. In this Nora is with Wesley. This made me so happy. I am rooting for these two as couple. They are so sweet and Nora adores Wesley. She is trying to be Vanilla with Wesley and live in his world. However, it's hard for Nora and we see that but she loves Wesley and wants to make it work so much. Wesley, Aw my sweet loving Wesley. He may only be twenty but he is acts so much older. He knows what he wants and that's Nora. He tries to make her see that she can have a happy life with him. But of course nothing in a good book is plain selling. ;)Kingsley....what can I even say about him. Kingsley is the King of Kink. King of the New York Kinky Underworld. He is all the books but this is the first time we actually learn anything about him and his past. This is definitely his story. When we are reading from his POV, it's told between the past and present. We see how he got to know Soren and learn about their relationship. And what they actually mean to each other. Kingsley, is in love with Soren. Always has been. And in Soren's own way he loves Kingsley aswell. As we learn more about Kingsley, we learn even more about Soren. And I think I love him. He is so broken, tortured. He had a hard life but it has made him who he is now.The Prince is the best book so far in The Original Sinners series. We get to really get into the heads of the characters a lot more than the previous books. We get to see how some of them became the people they are now. Most important the plot line in The Prince is just superior to the previous books. I can not fault it. There is so much going on that it sucks you and don't let you go. It's so hotter, sexier and 10 times darker. It's perfect. It also has an element of mystery within the plot that builds and builds until you are left hanging at the very with a freaking amazing cliffhanger that will leaving to gasping.I highly, highly recommend!! If you have read the series than you NEED to preorder The Prince now!!! It will blow you away. And if you haven't started the series, well....omg go now. Seriously??What are you waiting on. Tiffany Reisz is so talented it hurts!!My only negative is that I need to wait for the next book. I'm going to go insane waiting for The Mistress. I need it. And I need it now. It's like an addiction and I need my next hit