Bunheads - Sophie Flack
Review post: http://totallybookalicious.blogspot.com/2012/02/bunheads-by-sophie-flack.htmlBunheads was a really nice quick read. Following Hannah as she pushes herself to the best. She has always wanted to be a Ballet dancer giving up her life at fourteen to move to New York to be part of the Manhatten Ballet Company. This is her life it's what she wants, until she meets Jacob. She soon realises everything that she has given up for Ballet and soon she has to decided what she really wants from life.Hannah is a very driven young woman. And I found that very refreshing, usually YA books are all about getting the boy and love triangle but this isn't. Well it is to a certain point but the love interests take a back seat to Hannah's career. I think readers will really like her and I really felt for her because she has given up so much. When she meets Jacob there is an instant attraction but with Hannah's crazy dancer life she just doesn't have the time to see him alot. My heart went out to Jacob, he was alway coming second.Bunheads isn't a gripping read, there is no big lead up to dramatic scene like most books. It's just a quick read that it perfect if you want a nice change from heavier books. However, I didn't like was that everyone seemed to be seriously two faced and bitching way too much. I hate that, in real life and in books.I have never read a novel about Ballet. I honestly have no idea about anything to do with ballet but reading this book I can see that its not what I expected it to. I always thought it looked glamorous and elegant and even though performing it does. There is alot of blood, sweat and tears from the dancer pushing themself to be the best and sacrificing their personal lifes to get to the top!