The Look - Sophia Bennett
Review post: has always felt like a freak. She is very tall and thin And at school gets called names. However, one day when out with her big sister. She is spotted by a modeling agency and Ted can't believe. Especially considering that her sister Ava is stunning one, so she assumes its just a scam. When her sister is diagnosed with cancer, it's when she is sitting in the hospital waiting on her sister from an appointment she is reading a magazine and sees the modelling agency. Ava encourges Ted to be model and is behind her 100% but Ted soon begins to realise the its not all glamourous as it seems and it forced to choose between her career or her sister.The Look is one of those book that it was the cover that attracted me, yeah I know don't judge a book by its cover and all that but the presentation of this book is amazing! It's simple yet bold and of course Pink! Pink shiny title and the best part, Pink edges!!! It's so cute. and I am so glad the story inside is equally amazing.Ted is one of those character you just click with from page one. She is so refreshing and exciting. She looks up to her big sister Ava and is devastated when Ava is diagnosed with cancer. Ava is the one to push Ted into modelling to give her a distraction away from cancer, so like a loyal little sister, Ted agrees. She trying to keep Ava happy. The relationship between the two sisters is incredible.There is one scene that just shows the readers how much Ted adores Ava, they are in a shop trying on clothes and Ava's hair starts falling out from the treatment. So Ted takes her to get it shaved off but instead of just sitting with Ava like she promise. Ted gets all her hair shaved off aswell. I broke down crying at this point because its was just a beautiful scene between two sisters.This is my first book my Sophia Bennett and it won't be the last. Sophia has created an astonishing YA novel. It's a fun, quick read but also deals with alot of serious issues such as a family trying to deal with cancer, the ruthless business of modelling and the inner struggle of a young girl trying to do the right thing. The Look is such a heartwarming story that is beautifully written you just get swept away with it.Highly recommend this to anyone! Go pre-order yours now!!