Shade  - Jeri Smith-Ready
Review Post: have had this book for AGES! I received it as a gift last year and just never got around to reading it. However, while I was doing my Robert Burns Posts and seen that Jeri was going to be doing a big Team Kilt party for Burns Night I decided I would read it on that day. And I was not disappointed. However, I just can't do this review properly without giving away spoilers so I am just doing a quick mini review.Shade is a very unique spin on a paranormal romance. It's about ghosts and those who can see ghosts. However, Jeri has create a very different world that I am not sure when this book takes places its just a completely different reality from ours. Set in a world where some unknown incident called the "Shift" seventeen years ago caused everyone born after it to see ghosts. Aura, is our main character she is a "post-shifter". She doesn't think this ability to see ghosts is a good one until her boyfriend Logan dies and comes back as ghost. Aura is shocked by this and doesn't want to let Logan go. However, enter Zach, the new boy in school, with his good looks and Scottish accent Aura starts to feel connected to him. Thus created a fantastic love triangle!One of main reason why I loved this book was the boys! Logan and Zach. Logan is from an Irish Catholic family and Zach is Scottish, and even though I don't think it mentioned it in the book but I think he is Catholic as well. So I loved them even more. Jeri also through in alot of wee Scottish and Gleswegian words that I thought was a perfect touch and since Im Gleswegian I thought it was terrific.However, I thought Zach could have been in the book a bit more. And of course I'm in the book hehe. Siobhan, Logan sister. Made me happy.Jeri really has created an outstanding YA novel. It was like nothing I have ever read before and nothing like what I was expecting. I recommend this book to anyone who likes the stories a little bit different and very fast to read. As I said above this is by my standard a mini review lol. I have so much I want to say but I really can't all I can say is READ IT!!For those who have read it:Team Zach, Team Logan, or just Team Kilt??