Angel - L.A. Weatherly
See Original Post @ Love Fantasy SciFi NovelsI bought this book when it was first released over here in the UK. I had been really looking forward to it. However, it ended up in my TBR pile for months. So after months of it sitting on my bookcase I decided to actually read.Angel follows the story of Willow and Alex after Alex find out that Willow isn't what she seems. And Together they embark on a dangerous journey that full of high and lows that pushes the two of them together.Angel is a very unique take on Angels and one that I don't like. Angels are evil in this story. I personally don't mind when certain things get changes like vampires and werewolves. However, I wasn't a fan of this new take on Angels. I'm not saying I believe in angels and all that but I just wasn't a fan of this change. I like Angels the way the always have been. Some things just shouldn't be changed.The story itself flowed ok. It was a bit confussing with all the changing in point of view and going from first person narrative to third it made the story slow at first. However, after I got used to the PoV forever changing it flowed ok and even though I wasn't a fan of the take on Angel I still found myself enjoying parts of it.What I realy enjoyed was the characters Willow and Alex's relationship. This is what probably made me finish the book. They are just too cute together. Willow is an outcast in school. She dresses different and loves cars. She was really easy to connect with. A very strong main character for young girls to look up to. Alex, is a tough Angel Killer. Hunting Angels has made him strong and yet when he is with Willow he has a soft side and they truely belong together.I am in no rush to buy and read the next book. I will no doubt eventually read it because as I said I really liked the relationship between Willow and Alex and would like to see what happens next with them.