By Midnight - Mia James
I bought this book for two reasons. Firstly, I was drawn to this book because of the cover (I know I shouldnt but I tend to always go for the cover first) It really stands out and captures the darkness in the story. Secondly, it is set in England, I found this a great change from most YA books in this genre being set in America.By Midnight its a very good read and really keeps you interested from start to finish. By Midnight takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that I found myself crying on a few occasions.The Characters are a bunch of very interesting people good and bad. My favourite are April, Gabriel and Caro. April is very sweet and normal girl, who is dealing with all the normal teenage stuff as well and finding out some OMG stuff about herself. Gabriel, well what can I say about Gabriel is very mysterious and always seem to pop up in unexpected places. April and Gabriels relationship is a great read because it is all about romance, (actually there isnt alot of romance in the story) its more about the mystery behind the story that keeps the relationship between very intriging. Caro is probably my fave character. She doesn't fit in amoung the "Faces" at Ravenwood. She is funny, a little sarcastic and she believes in conspiracies.Mia James (wife and husband writing team, Tasmina Perry an John Perry) has manage to creature a story with mystery, romance, anger and fear with twists and turns I truely didn't see comingHowever, By Midnight loses half a star because because there is one bit (I wont say what) that it taken straight from Twilight nearly word for word.Overall though, a fantastic read that I recommend to anyone to loves a good paranormal mystery. And I am really looking forward for the next installement of The Ravenwood Mysteries.(Not suitable for younger readers due to some of the language)