Loverboy - Trista Jaszczak
Check out Totally Bookalicious: After Dark am sitting trying to pin point what genre box this book goes into and I just can't. It's an adult novel but would work for a older YA Crossover. It's realistic, contemporary with some romance and a thrilling and suspensful story line that keep to hooked from start to finished. Loverboy is about college student Charlotte (Charlie) Murphey. She wakes up in hositpal with a hazzy memory on how she got there. She soon discovers that she was attacked by the ruthless serial killer and raptist, Loverboy. She is the only woman to have escaped so the police have assigned her a Nick, a young poilice office who will be on guard 24/7 protecting Charlie until Loverboy is caught. After spending so much time together Charlie trusts him but Nick is starting to fall head over hell for her. Will Charlie be able to move on with her live? Will they catch Loverboy? Oh My, I honestly have no words on just how much I loved this book. Now I can't related to the story and there is no way to even imagine going through the torture poor Charlie has to endure. However, Trista has managed to tackle the subject of rape in such a way that it story is heartfelt and uplifting. Straight away I like Charlie, she is fighter, strong and as her journey through the after events she proves that she is survivor, she is not a victim. I wonderful role model for those who may have experience something similiar. Now at first I was a bit warry of the choice of Nick. I was like "em...wouldn't a woman be more fit for this?" but Nick has is own story and it worked out perfect. The relationship that developed between them never once felt force. It was a geniune romance that gradually bloomed over the course of weeks that they spent together. Now the idea of what happened to Charlie made me sick to my stomach and made cry because this happens in real life and it one of those things that could happen to you. Yip, Charlie was one of those young woman who thought it wouldn't happen to her and I can relate to that I think we can. We all think bad things won't happen to you. But it can. And the main story of this is how the characters move on with their lifes and deal with th ups and downs that come with the trying to catch Loverboy.I wholeheartly adore this. I was completely drawn into it and didn't want to put it down. I want to applaud Trista for writing this novel. This is not an easy thing to write about. And it's not an easy thing to read about. Rape is very serious but by creating a novel that feels real and characters that are loveable as well as a story that is so many things, its sweet, dark, thrilling and beautiful. She has did something just simply wonderful.Please when this book is release (I will let you all know when it is) I beg you to read this because I think it's just one of those rare books that just HAS to be read. It gets under your skins, opens your eyes and fills you with so many emotions that if you are anything like me you will end up being in tears.