The Summons: A Goblin King Prequel (Shadowlands, #0.5) - Shona Husk
I have had this short story on my kindle for too long. The title and cover, yip I admit it are what caught my attention. I haven't read anything that involved Goblins so I decided to finally give this ago. And overall it was enjoyable. It is set nine year before book 1, which I think I should have read first. It follows Eliza who at a party summons the goblin king to help her get away. When the Goblin King arrives he helps her but doesn't fully grant her wish. He instead start to fell human again and Eliza starts to find herself being attracted to him. Now, this is a just a quick read with only around 20 or so pages. The author has managed to create a good taster to the story. However, I was left a little confused and not really knowing what was going on. There isn't much of a backstory to the Goblin King but I hope we see that develop in book 1. On a side note. Now if you are anything like me and see/hear "The Goblin King" you automatically think David Bowie! I did I couldn't help it. Even though the author describes her character with dreadlocks and in goblin form a monster. I still kept seeing Jareth from The Labyrinth because for me there is and alway will be only one Goblin King. Lol. Go grab yourself a copy of The Summons. It's free on kindle.