Minder - Kate Kaynak
When I first got this book I was really excited to start reading it. I had never heard of it so I decided to not read any reviews on it before hand and when into reading very opened minded, and what an amazing read this is.Minder is the first in the Ganzfield series and an excellect first opening book. First from the first page is fast paced that really grips you. It really captured my imagination from the event revolving around our main character Maddie. She really is a breath of fresh air. She is strong, stands up for what is right and just a little bit scary really wouldn't want to get on her bad side. I feel we finally have a positive roll model in Maddie.Maddie is just one of the characters in the Minder and what an interesting bunch of characters Kate has created. There are a few that really stand out for me in this book apart from Maddie; and they are Trevor and Rachel. Trevor, oh Trevor, he is strong, protective and very much in love with Maddie. Rachel at the start of the story is quiet and shy but her character develops and I am sure will evolve even more in the next installement.The thing I really loved about all characters and the world the Kate has created is that there is no vampire, werewolves, or angel in sight. I think this is the reason why I really loved it so. All the characters have mental powers that are being used for good as well as bad.This would have got a full 5 star rating. However, there was a few small little things thats brought it down. I didn't really believe that Dr Williamson (the head of Ganzfield) would easily let Maddie and Trevor (Two Teenagers) live together in school. And I didn't think that after one day of knowing each other Maddie and Trevor just knew that the loved each other was very realistic. However, as the story progressed its was very easy to how much they loved each and how easy is was for themSo apart from those little things I have to say if you are looking for a story that is totally unique, thrilling and mind blowing then this is the book for you.