Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand
Original Post: http://lovefantasyscifinovels.blogspot.com/2011/07/unearthly-unearthly-1-by-cynthia-hand.htmlUnearthly is about a teenage girl called Clara. However, Clara isn't a normal girl, She is part angel. And she has been having vision of her "Purpose" as an angel. This see her and her family (her mum and brother) move Wyoming so she can fulful her purpose. However, this don't go smoothly got Clara and soon she is faced with a terrible choice. Fulfill her purpose or save the boy the she loves? First I want to just mention this books cover! How freaking pretty is that? I mean its stunning. I think its fits really well with the story. Clara all white which is how I picture her when she does her glowing Glory thing. And standing in the forest is massive to plot. The cover just has a very ethereal feel to it. Unearthly is one of those stories that you just lose all sense of time reading. For me, it was the relationship between the characters that I found to entertaining that I just couldnt put this down. Clara is just super cute! She really is a fantastic main character. She is one of those characters that you can imagine being friends with her. When she moves to Wyoming she quickly becomes friends with Wendy and then Angela. Both these characters are total opposite from one another but when reading the story its easy to see why Clara is friends with both. Now the reason Clara moves to Wyoming is to fulfill her purpose as an angel. Her purpose is involves Christian the hottest boy in school and Clara of course like any girl would is drooling over him. They becomes close but Christian has to go away for the summer. Enter Tucker! Wendys brother. oh Tucker! From the moment Clara arrived in Wyoming Tucker and Clara show a dislike to one another. Soon though after Tucker is roped into being Clara's birthday present from Wendy they start to form this undeniable connection. And honestly one of the cutest book couples ever!! I love them. I love Tucker! For me the story plays second to the characters. But what an awesome story line. There is never a dull moment in this book. Its full of supense slowing building up to the tough choice Clara has to make. The romance in this story is one the gradually develops making the story that more believable. What a fantastic, gripping and cute book Unearthly is. Its such a refreshing tale of angels. Angels have completely blown up on the YA market just now and this book its honestly one of my faves. I dont have a bad word to say about this book. Cynthia has created something that is so good and literally leave you begging for more