Today is my stop in the Mad About You blog tour. Keep reading for an awesome guest post from the author and for a chance to win the book :)
People often ask where my ideas come from for my novels. To date, they have come from observing, reading, listening and from life in general. I have been writing for nine years and I’m always afraid that I’ll run out of ideas. Thankfully, life in all its forms still provides me with plenty of material. As the saying goes, ‘fact is stranger than fiction’ and I really believe this to be true.

The idea for Mad About You came to me when I called over to a friend’s house for coffee and her neighbour called in. She began to tell me the story of what had happened in her life when her husband had been stalked by a ‘stranger’. She said it had affected their marriage and as things got progressively worse and the stalking became more aggressive, that it affected her physically as well as emotionally. She ended up becoming completely paranoid and having panic attacks. They eventually found out who the stalker was. It turned out it was someone they knew but would never, in a million years, have suspected.

The couple in Mad About You, Emma and James, have been married for over ten years and have two children. In fact they are the characters from my first book The Baby Trail. I wrote about their struggle with infertility in that book. I’d had a lot of requests from readers to write about Emma and James again. Readers were wondering what had happened to them. 

So, I decided to sit down and see how Emma and James were getting on. It was interesting because in Mad About You, after years of marriage and children, things had become a bit stale between Emma and James. They take each other for granted and they’ve stopped making an effort with each other. Like so many marriages, when children come along, your relationship takes a backseat. 

So when James begins getting sex texts from an unknown number, the trust in their marriage is tested to the limit. The book explores trust in all it’s forms. Trust between a married couple, trust between a mother and a childminder and trust between friends. 

I had a lovely time revisiting Emma and James. It felt like I was going back to say hello to old friends. I realise that might sound a bit mad, but that is honestly what it felt like. I think I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Emma and James because The Baby Trail was my first book to get published after two failed attempts and tons of rejection letters! So I really feel that Emma and James are my lucky charm! - Sinead Moriarty